Development Circle and Awareness

Spiritual Development

At Nottingham Spiritualist Church we find an increasing number of people are interested in working more directly on their spiritual development. As a Spiritualist church, we believe all have the potential to develop spiritually and encourage our students to start their journey along a pathway of discovery in communicating with the spirit world, and to find and develop their individual talents. Our Circles teach the difference between spirit communication and psychic links, and sometimes use psychic exercises to help the student recognise the different types of link. A pure psychic will link in with a person's energies / aura and give a reading at this level, while some psychics are able to read along the time-line of a person's life to access events (or possible eventualities) in the future. A spiritual medium will link to a communicator in the spirit world and give information about the communicator via clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling / sensing). A medium will often use a combination of all three senses to pick up information but it can vary each time as results will depend on the method the communicator uses to get their message across and how strongly developed the medium is in that particular sense. It is the spirit communicator that provides the information about themselves, their lives and the life of the recipient of the message.

Our "Development Circles" are 'closed' circles and members are required to have membership of the church. Our "Development Circles" start with a beginners level circle, used to assess ability and identify in which direction people would like to develop their gift, working through to rostrum level for those who want to become mediums

The  circle works at a gentle pace, concentrating on the ability to work safely and to blend with each other and with spirit. After moving into a development circle, those who do not wish to become mediums have the opportunity to take their spiritual development as far as they wish to go, working with those developing their gift to a level that will allow them to serve churches as a medium.

For those who wish to develop professional mediumship skills, the training focuses on developing prayers, philosophy and mediumship to a standard where members can go out and work in other churches. There are opportunities for students who reach the required level to go out with working mediums. Our aim is to produce the highest quality mediums possible.

 Our  circles are held on Thursday  evenings. Because many students move into the main "Development Circles" the "Awareness Circle" is held on an Ad Hoc basis when needed.  Attendance for all circles costs £3 per session.

Nottingham Spiritualist Church   prides itself on its training in all aspects of Spiritualism and whilst we realise that not every student will become a working medium, we teach all students to approach their work with spirit with sincerity and professionalism.