What is Mediumship and how does it work?



Mediumship (or Clairvoyance) is a term used to describe the process of transmitting infomation given by someone in the spirit world to someone in the physical world. The medium is the channel or conduit who can detect and understand the very subtle spirit energies that are invisible to most of us. Mediums work in much the same way as mobile phones. Radio wave transmissions to a mobile phone cannot be seen or heard by us without the use of the phone to convert the energy to a frequency and form that we can see and hear. 


How do mediums work ?


Mediums may see, hear or feel the spirit energy which they then interpret and pass to the recipient  During a public service or demonstration the medium may pick out people in the congregation, one at a time (or they may not known who they need to speak to but they feel they are drawn to a particular area of the hall) and will pass on information that is being given to them by the spirit person.


It is important to understand that people in spirit are not all experts in communicating to our physical world nor are all mediums able to perfectly understand some messages clearly.  Therefore the first task of the medium is to make sure that he or she has made the right connection between the person in spirit and the person in the congregation by describing the person in spirit and some memories that may only be know to the recipient.  This serves the dual purpose of establishing the connection to the right person and also gives evidence to prove the spirit persons survival after physical death. Evidence may include names, places they have lived, work, hobbies or personality.  The more specific the information, the better the evidence. Once the connection is established the spirit person may then give messages to help and support the recipient in some way.  


Why do people in Spirit communicate ?


People in spirit usually communicate with their loved ones, family or friends that they were connected with in their physical lives so their purpose is to provide love and support to the recipient. If you do receive a message you should only answer the medium with a yes, no or don't know. If you tell them anything, it may be something the spirit person wishes to say, and then the opportunity for giving that evidence is lost. It is also important to note that the choice to communicate lies wholly with the people in spirit and they cannot be commanded to communicate by anyone in the physical world should they choose not to do so. 


What you can expect ?

No specific results can be promised at any service, indeed every demonstration of mediumship should be regarded as an experiment. We do not ask you to be gullible or to accept evidence on face value. Try to be objective in assessing the evidence that you are given, but do come to the meeting with an open mind, and with love in your heart. Remember that you may not know some of the evidence given by the person in spirit so it is not necessarily wrong.  You may have to check with other members of your family later to confirm it.
Mediums are susceptible to vibrations and find it harder to work in a hostile atmosphere. And if you do not get a message on your first visit, give spiritualism  a chance, and come again. You will always be welcome.

If you are interested in the development of your own Mediumship then please see a Church official as there may be a development circle that you can attend to provide guidance and help in your learning and development.